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 How I Do It! 

I develop and implement strategic sales and marketing plans using industry data and category
management that become the foundation of our time based action plans. Competitive analysis,
target customer identification, potential market penetration and pricing strategies are turned
into comprehensive, marketing collateral, promotional deals, demo programs and store level education.

Since 1978, I have cultivated a network consisting of major food chains. Buyers have come to
respect the brands I represent, giving my clients a distinct competitive advantage in today’s market.
Partnering with me connects you to an instant network of regional and national markets.

About Me 

I am an independent broker representing food and non-food product brands for over 36 years,
specializing in pet foods, meat, 
bottled water, salad dressings, salsa, and more. Through the years I have
represented food and non-food product brands by playing an important role in getting products on the
retailers’ shelves. With my understanding of the needs and goals of my clients, I create a strategy specifically around them.

Consumer Products  |  Sales Management  |  Strategic Planning  |  Market Strategy
Negotiation  |  Business Development  |  Business Strategy  |  Product Development  |  Marketing

Earlier in my career, I was a Division V.P. for Tupman Thurlow, working primarily with regional and
national chain accounts. I was responsible for managing and opening new accounts
as well as training new team associates.

Today, I continue to help entrepreneurs get their products to a variety of profitable markets.
I think of myself as your outside sales force that becomes an integral part of your new product launch strategy.
I am committed to providing regional and national sales and brand management excellence to food
and non-food product entrepreneurs. My experience, knowledge, and above all,
my passion about the products I represent separate me from from other brokers.